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Top 5 Best Home Painting Tools

The scoop is below on the top five best painting tools, but they come with a disclaimer. The only way to ensure that an interior or exterior paint job is perfect is to hire experts. At SNL Painting, Inc., the high-quality workmanship of our painting professionals has earned the trust of residents throughout the St. Louis MO area. Using the best home painting tools should, however, improve the results of do-it-yourself painting. Details follow.

1 – Multi-Purpose Putty Knife

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A painter’s putty knife is his third hand. During a paint job, it is usually moved from the toolbox to a handy pocket of his painter’s pants. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles of putty knives. Some have more functions than others. The following are among the possible functions of a putty knife:

  • Apply surfacing compound or putty in nail holes and cracks.
  • Remove putty.
  • Patch divots using wood filler.
  • Spread drywall mud into drywall seams and joints.
  • Use a carbon steel blade on the putty knife as a scraper.
  • Open paint cans.
  • Clean paint rollers.
  • Use as a nail setter.

2 – Quality Paintbrushes 

Quality paintbrushes are must-have home painting tools. Not every type of brush is for all types of paint, however. There are many quality brushes to choose from, and the following are examples of top professional painting tools. Both are made by Purdy, a leading brand:

  • 3” Purdy Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, Clearcut Series-A brush that can be used with almost every type of oil and latex paint, this brush with medium stiffness has a fine tip that delivers a large stroke and makes fine cut lines possible. This is among the wall painting tools that holds a large amount of paint to keep things moving. 
  • Purdy 3″ XL Pip Paint Brush-This brush offers maximum paint capacity and “no-drag” application. The bristles are a rare combination of Orel Polyester and Satin-edged Nylox. To eliminate the possibility of rusting, the brush has a copper ferrule.

3 – Professional Masking Tool

A perfect paint job would hardly be possible without well-applied blue painter’s tape. Applied using a professional masking tool, you save time in an effortless process that delivers a finish of uncompromised quality. The extendable blade on the tool makes it easy to cut tape at just the right length. This is one of the painting tools pros rely on because they save time during prep for painting, texturing ceilings, and more. Be aware that painter’s tape must come off within the release dates provided by the manufacturer, which is usually somewhere from 15 to 30 days.

4 – Five-Gallon Bucket

To ensure that the color of paint you apply is consistent, pour every can of paint to be used into an appropriately sized bucket such as a five-gallon bucket. Mix the paint well before beginning the job to achieve an even paint color.

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5 – Paint Roller

Paint rollers make the cut for best professional painting tools because they help to finish a paint job far more quickly, as compared with using only paintbrushes. A good roller and a cover are needed. If you buy them separately, be certain the roller handle fits the cover. Keep in mind that the thickness of the roller cover is important, but it is something to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Having the right tool for the job is essential when it comes to painting, but remember that to get best possible results, professional painting tools only get you so far. The work of paint professionals invariably stands out as opposed to the best DIY efforts. Call SNL Painting Inc. today at 636-724-6829 and enjoy top results when our experts use their proven wall painting tools.




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