Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting

At SNL Painting we treat the interior of your home with the same care as if it were our own. We protect your belongings from damage, safeguard your flooring, and ensure that your fixtures are free from damage and paint spatter. When we come to your home, how interior painting services include:

  • Heavy pieces of furniture are carefully moved and covered with plastic sheeting.
  • Blinds and curtains are removed and covered.
  • Cabinets are covered with plastic sheeting.
  • Nail holes and other similar imperfections are filled and sanded.
  • All walls are lightly sanded prior to painting.
  • Walls are painted with two coats of premium interior paint.
  • Ceilings are painted to coverage with flat white ceiling paint or your chosen color.
  • Baseboards, doors, and other trim are painted with 2 coats of premium interior semi-gloss paint.
  • Carpet is vacuumed and furniture is replaced in their original locations.
  • Blinds and curtains are re-installed.
  • Remaining paints are labeled and put away for storage.

Please have all of your personal items moved at least 3 feet from walls and workspaces prior to our team’s arrival. While we are always willing and able to help arrange a safe workspace, we cannot be held responsible for any damage associated with moving household items.

Romabio Fireplace painting


Transform your fireplace into a captivating centerpiece with our expert fireplace rehabilitation services. At SNL Painting, we specialize in breathing new life into your living space by reviving worn-out fireplaces. Our skilled team of professionals is adept at both the art and science of fireplace restoration, offering a range of cosmetic techniques such as lime-wash and whitewashing for interior brick. Let us unlock the hidden potential of your fireplace, creating a cozy ambiance that you and your loved ones will adore.


We understand that creating a safe and nurturing environment for your little one is of utmost importance to you. That’s why our expert team specializes in using baby-safe materials and paints that are free from harmful chemicals. From selecting the perfect color palette to adding imaginative murals, our skilled painters will transform your nursery into a haven of joy and serenity.

Home Offices

Elevate your productivity and style with our tailored home office services at SNL Painting. We understand that your home office is more than just a workspace; it’s your personal sanctuary for inspiration and focus. Our skilled team not only offers top-notch painting expertise but also provides small carpentry projects to enhance your office’s functionality. With our keen eye for design and commitment to quality, we’ll transform your home office into an inviting and efficient sanctuary that helps you thrive in your professional pursuits.

Residential Painting Services

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