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SNL Painting prides itself on hiring “Normal, Happy People”. We are looking for more than just painters. We understand that, in our business, people are inviting us into the places they work, live, and play.

It is important that each person on our team is trustworthy, honest, understanding, knowledgeable, and just plain enjoyable to have a conversation with. Why are our painters so good? Well, we are lucky to find great people. We also have a system.


We are always recruiting new talent. We collect a large number of applications and carefully weed out the best of the best. In fact, contact us if you or someone you know wants to be one of the elite SNL Painters.


In order to attract and keep great people, you must treat them right. We offer our employees a competitive wage and a number of benefits to keep them healthy and happy. After all, isn’t that the kind of person you want in your home?


Our purpose is to develop people, not just painters. Of course we provide training on painting skills, techniques, products and their proper applications, safety, and equipment. But our system also includes training on how to communicate, solve problems, listening skills, maintaining a clean appearance and jobsite, working with purpose, industry standards, painting technology, and more.

We believe every moment in life presents an opportunity to learn or to teach. If you are looking, you will be ABLE to seize those opportunities and make yourself or someone else a little better.

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