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A cabinet refinishing project is a great alternative to refresh your kitchen or bathroom without the expense and hassle of cabinet replacement. Cabinet refinishing is a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets and also a fraction of the time and mess to complete the project! Being able to make your kitchen and bathroom look fresh again with a few coats of paint, at a lower cost, is something everyone can get excited about!

Benefits of a Cabinet Refinishing Project with SNL Painting

When you work with our dedicated team of cabinet specialists, you get a factory-looking finish every time! We typically use specialized industrial urethane for our cabinet paint, typically a catalyzed two-part product that accelerates the curing process and provides a super-hard and durable finish.This process ensures a smooth application that will withstand the regular, day-to-day wear and tear. This durable coating is less likely to chip, scratch, and stain compared to single-component paints, and will provide an attractive, long-lasting finish.

We typically find our clients don’t want to be inconvenienced and not be able to fully use their home; so we minimize this inconvenience to the best of our ability. With a cabinet refinish, no demo or installation is necessary, resulting in limited downtime compared to a new install process. Your kitchen will only be down for a few days compared to a few weeks or months.

What happens to my cabinets while you’re refinishing them?

Our dedicated team of cabinet specialists not only takes great care of your cabinets and cabinet drawers, but also ensures we are taking proper care of the rest of your home while we are in it.

Your doors and drawer fronts are refinished in our shop—we have to properly clean and prime the before beginning the painting process. No matter how often you clean your kitchen, your cabinets and drawers are hotspots for grease and dust buildup; the most important piece of a painting project is proper surface prep.

We prime, paint and sand all cabinets in layers, ensuring a smooth, even coating that will last you a long time.

Base cabinets and wall boxes are finished on-site after carefully masking off the room. What does this entail exactly? Our team seals off the room from the rest of the house and covers any countertops, lights, windows, flooring, fixtures, appliances and more with plastic and tape. Carefully masking off the areas not to be painted allows us to spray cabinet bases and wall boxes for a smooth finish.

A typical cabinet refinishing project takes approximately one to two weeks to complete, but, depending on the size of the project, may take longer.

Our Process

(after you have cleaned off the counters and emptied your cabinets)

  1. Disassemble the doors and drawers – carefully marking which go where
  2. Move the refrigerator and appliances as necessary
  3. Cover floors, countertops, appliances, windows, etc.
  4. Prepare, clean, scrub the surfaces of the cabinets with high-quality grit pads and special cleaner to remove grease, dirt and stains
  5. Protect the rest of the room – anything not getting painted including the cabinet cavities
  6. Sand surfaces
  7. Clean and dust the sanded surfaces
  8. Prime the areas for painting
  9. Sand the primed surfaces
  10. Clean and dust the surfaces again
  11. Caulk and fill gaps and make repairs – fill in handle holes if client is changing the hardware
  12. Clean again
  13. Paint the cabinets with specialized cabinet paint

And, that’s just the base and wall cabinets. The same process happens with the cabinet doors and drawer fronts after we transport them to our shop.

When the doors and drawer fronts are finished and allowed to cure, we transport them back to the client and re-assemble them onsite, adjusting every door and drawer. We have expert carpenters on staff that can install new hardware or add crown moulding to your existing cabinets, too! We’re happy to answer any questions about cabinet refinishing and what we can do to update your kitchen, bathroom, built-in shelves, laundry room, study…just let us know how we can help!

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