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Decorative Wall Painting Techniques To Spruce Up Your Space

While fresh paint applied with a pro touch can make a great difference, various decorative wall painting techniques that add texture and drama can do wonders for home interiors. Professional painters can be depended upon to produce unrivaled results with different wall painting techniques. You may want to try one of the painting techniques to make a room look bigger, textured wall painting techniques, or any of the other decorative wall painting techniques that follow.

Painting Techniques to Make a Room Look Bigger

Too much time indoors can make small spaces start feeling claustrophobic. Pull out of potential doldrums by using your choice of painting techniques to make a room look bigger and more welcoming. Two of many proven suggestions follow.


If you paint the ceiling, trim, and doors with the same paint color and make them at least one shade lighter than the color of the walls, the impact will likely be remarkable. The effect is most powerful when the monochrome paint theme is repeated throughout the living space. The eyes are naturally encouraged to smoothly flow from one room to the next, discarding feelings of being closed in.

Accent Wall

Divert attention away from the diminutive size of a space to an accent wall that is painted in a hue that starkly contrasts with the paint color of the rest of the room. An optical illusion is created by an accent wall in which the eyes are pulled to the focal point.

Color Wash

One of the decorative wall painting techniques that could hardly be easier to accomplish and yet yields stunning results is color washing. Any room is transformed with the added depth and texture this painting technique achieves. Simply:

  • Coat the walls with a satin base paint, and
  • Using a large brush, paint over the base paint with a glaze.

For a more dynamic outcome, use a vibrant color. A more neutral shade for a color-washed wall will most likely, however, produce results that are every bit as appealing. 

Rag Rolling 

Rag rolling is among the textured wall painting techniques that make for excellent finishes. To achieve depth and texture with enough subtlety to enhance the room’s overall design, roll a rag up and down painted walls. For added drama that doesn’t overwhelm, you can’t go wrong with rag rolling.


The look of metal is a popular modern style, and there are different wall painting techniques you can use. One is to create a zinc looking finish by layering three different metallic paints on the walls using rags. Another approach is to apply a base paint and then use a sponge to apply two different colors of metal paint or patina paint over the base color.

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