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Steps in Deck Restoration to Prepare for Summer

Deck cleaning is not always enough to get ready for summer because deck restoration is often required for aesthetic and safety reasons. A vibrant deck is far more inviting and suitable for entertaining than a gray, discolored deck that needs repair. The value of your home can increase enough with deck restoration that you could recoup up to 70% of the cost in the event you sell. Staining a deck after pressure washing, deck cleaning, and deck restoration are potentially all good do-it-yourself projects, though some issues are better suited for a pro. Learn more below about common steps involved in restoring a deck and when to call a professional.

Make Deck Repairs

A thorough inspection of your deck is step one in a deck restoration project. The following are a few tips for identifying areas of the deck in need of repair:

Contact with the Ground

Examine all parts of the deck in direct contact with the ground, which may include stair stringers, joists, and posts. 

Check for Wood Rot

wood rot

Wood rot is a sign that major deck renovation and the help of a pro may be required, though only a few rotted boards may need to be replaced. Insects and water damage are the most common causes of wood rot. Sink the tip of a screwdriver in joists or posts to test for rot. Call a professional in the event wood rot on your deck is widespread.

Identify Large Gaps

Wood shrinks over time, and the result is that wide gaps between deck boards can become tripping hazards. The boards creating large gaps need to be replaced with new ones cut to the same length.

Fill and Seal Cracks

If your deck boards have cracks 6 inches long or less, fill them in with latex wood filler and follow up with deck sealant. For cracks longer than 6 inches, check the board on the underside. If there are no cracks underneath, reattach the board to the joists using deck screws. Boards cracked on both sides should be replaced entirely.

A Wobbly Deck 

A deck structure that wobbles or lurches is in a serious state of disrepair likely due to poor installation, termite damage, or prolonged wood rot. When this type of structural damage has occurred, a homeowner’s best course of action is to contact experienced professionals for repairs or installation of an entirely new deck.

Deck Cleaning Tips

Decks should be cleaned every year, which can involve pressure washing or manual application of deck cleaner. Be sure to use the right cleaner for the type of stain on your deck. The manual route also involves a stiff bristle brush, exertion, and effort to ensure that the mixture has been worked into the wood. If you are using a product that contains concentrated chemicals, wear gloves and eye protection. Also, protect nearby plants by covering them with plastic sheeting.

Apply the Stain

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wood rot
The deck has been neglected too long and is now in a dangerous condition. A handyman is needed to provide some major upkeep and repair. Bokeh.

Once your deck is repaired and cleaned, it’s time for application of the stain. To ensure best results on staining or any type of exterior or interior paint job, hire proven professionals like SNL Painting Inc.

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