Fashion Colors for Trim and Accent Walls, red walls on a dining room

Use Pantone Fashion Colors for Trim and Accent Walls

The forecasted Spring/Summer 2020 colors by Pantone are fun, sophisticated, and creatively coordinated. It’s easy to imagine the entire fashion color palette as paint swatches. If you’re planning to give your interior a new look, you can save all the time commonly spent on choosing from limitless colors and simply use the Pantone fashion palette. Below, check out more about a few of the nice color matchups as well as tips for accent walls and painting bedroom trim in your home.

Spring/Summer 2020 NYFW Color Palette

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), expect to see the shades forecast by Pantone. The various hues are as perfect for interior painting as for fashion, as long as you appreciate distinctive splashes of color. Here are a few color descriptions:

Flame Scarlet (Pantone 18-1662) burns bright, and it’s the perfect color to represent determination and confidence.

Saffron (Pantone 14-1064) is a deep but bright mustard color that might bring out the emotions in anyone who wears it. A room with pops of color in this shade would evoke warmth, cheerfulness, and originality.

Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052) has the vast, deep hue of an evening sky. Blue is considered of benefit to mind and body as it produces a calming, tranquil effect.Fashion Colors for Trim and Accent Walls, red walls on a dining room

Biscay Green (Pantone 15-5718) resembles the incredible aqua waters at the world’s best beach resorts. Used as an accent or trim paint color in your home interior, it would add cool and refreshing brightness.

Sunlight (Pantone 13-0822) is like a cheery invitation to be joyful. A subtle, sophisticated shade that suggests elegance would work beautifully as a paint color in the home.

Coral Pink (Pantone 14-1318) in fashion and as a paint color is like a warm hug. Match it with the aforementioned Sunlight for an irresistible pairing of interior paint shades.

Tips for Interior Accent Walls

Accent colors are popular in home decorating, and accent walls will likely never go out of style. Your home is truly and uniquely your own when you steer away from basic white walls or uniform colors throughout. When done tastefully, accent walls completely make a room over and add an entirely new level of visual interest. The following are a few tips for painting an accent wall:

  • Bold shades are great for accent walls. The secret is to coordinate the colors well with the surrounding walls.
  • If you have a room in neutral colors, a bright accent wall can work well. With the starkness of white walls, it’s not as easy to create a pleasing balance. Neutral-colored walls are a perfect contrast to bright Pantone colors, for instance.
  • Instead of an accent wall, you could opt for an accent ceiling, which is a chic trend in home decorating.

Tips for Painting Wall Trim

If you’ve checked out the great Pantone shades, you may decide one of the colors is ideal to use for trim in a bedroom or living area. Fashion colors for trim and accent walls requires a little bit of an adventurous spirit, but can lead to amazing results. Painting interior trim is another easy way to transform a room. Three trim ideas follow:

  • For an unforgettable yet crisp and modern look in any room of the home, paint the trim a darker color that beautifully contrasts the paint color on the walls.
  • Go with unexpected shades, such as Sunshine walls with Coral Pink trim.
  • If a bedroom is lacking woodwork, creatively trim out the room by painting an ornate design all around the doorframe. Use Biscay Green or any appealing paint color of your choice. Combined with artistic flair, the room could become your new favorite.

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