Interior Painting Projects to Tackle In The Fall

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. But just the thought of our families reuniting over festivities and holiday meals may be enough to make you look around in a bit of a panic.  Maybe it’s time to freshen up your home and tackle a few interior painting projects for the fall season.  Say hello to the crisp autumn weather and add some new colors to liven up our living space. Here are some interesting interior painting projects to tackle in the fall for your home.


Give a New Look to Your BasementFun play room home interior. Basement room without windows with pool table TV games.

Holiday get togethers usually mean inviting a larger group of people into your home. It also means people overflowing into somewhat unused sections of the house. Do you have spaces that are underutilized? Now is the time to make them work for you. Transform your old and boring basement into a gaming arena for your kids and grandkids. You can paint your basement walls with greens, blues, and reds, to set up the mood. To counter a windowless basement, bright neutrals can help lighten up the space. If you are trying to set up a gaming arena in your basement, you can also paint a few interesting game characters on the walls. A fresh coat of paint may be enough to transform a boring basement into a fun spot for the whole family. 


A New Study Place for Your Kids

If your kids are young and they are back in school, there is going to be plenty of reading and homework to do. Why not give a quiet place in your home to ease your kids’ study routine?

If you have a spare room or even an unused nook, you can convert it into your kid’s study area. Calm, soothing colors are always a smart choice for these spaces. Blues and greens can add a tranquil feel to make homework time less hectic. Of course neutral greys are also popular.  Choosing the right color can make your room look brighter and bigger.


Enjoy Holiday Cooking in Your Revamped kitchen

As the busiest room in the house, how do you feel about your kitchen? Despite all of the time spent in this room, cooking, cleaning, and hanging out; the kitchen is often overlooked in terms of design. Why not re-invent your kitchen this fall to give a new life to your home? A new look to the space will make preparing holiday feasts for your family a little less of a chore. Using orange, red, and vibrant shades  as accents in the room can give your kitchen a new look. Working with the right painting partner can make sure that a kitchen project is done quickly and neatly, getting you back in the kitchen as quickly as possible. 


Add Unique Patterns or Colors to Your Kids’ Roomskid's room for interior painting projects to tackle in the fall

Change your kids’ existing room by adding a new coat of paint to the walls. As your child grows, what they loved as a child may evolve into something completely different. You can sit with your child to brainstorm different ideas for painting his/her room. They might want to paint an entire wall or introduce a new design or texture to the bedroom walls. You can ditch traditional paints and experiment with different colors and designs to make your child’s room more interesting.


Prepare the Dining Room for Guests

If you are expecting a lot of guests this holiday season, make sure you prepare your dining room to enjoy memorable holiday dinners. If your dining room is small, you can choose bright shades to make it look bigger. Use inviting warm colors such as oranges, yellows, and reds to set the perfect ambiance for a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. The dining room is another place where neutral colors, contrasted with pops of color, can offer a beautiful result. 


Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than a coat of paint to help make your home feel bright and refreshed in time for the holiday season. There are a rainbow of  fantastic colors on the market to help make your home look more appealing and inviting. Beyond choosing the right colors, make sure that you are choosing the right painting contractor to make sure your project is expertly applied, on time and on budget. SNL Painting is here to help. Check out a gallery of our work to see how SNL painting can beautify your home. 




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