Interior Painting Ideas for Modern Business Offices

Younger generations have reshaped office and work life with their expectations for more creative work environments, including accommodating a greater degree of collaboration. More and more employers find they have no choice but to find new modalities to encourage office productivity. Changing the look of bland workspaces is often a must. There’s no need to break the bank, fortunately. Interior paint colors can create just what today’s office workers are looking for. Here are some interesting and affordable interior painting ideas for modern business offices.

Get Inspired With Every Coat

Inspired employees are typically happier, better employees. And let’s face it. Plain beige walls aren’t inspiring, though they may set the right mood for napping. Could your office use some refashioning with paint? It’s probably the most cost-effective approach to boosting employees’ moods and energy. Ideas for giving your office walls and your employees a lift follow:

  • Go bold by having professionals paint a graphic design on your office walls. The atmosphere will be the opposite of boring if stripes, polka dots, or modern creative images are painted on the walls.
  • Paint in colors associated with the company brand using a complementary design, as well.
  • Eliminating stress is always a good thing. You could choose interior paint colors that are known to be calming but look good enough that they also inspire efficiency. Such hues include Behr’s Purple Potion (S100-5) with Swiss Coffee (12) trim; and, for a Zen office, Behr’s green Back to Nature (S340-4) with Sleek White (OR-W15).

Boost Productivity Using Paint!

Interior Painting Ideas for Modern Business Offices
Behr provides inspiration for pops of color in your office.

According to science, color impacts our lives by stirring up emotions and putting us in certain dispositions. The secrets of color can be used in an office setting, which is really quite brilliant. Productivity, they say, is everything these days, and the following are colors known to inspire creativity and productivity:

  • Blue is a color categorized as “intellectual.” It’s associated with efficiency, logic, communication, and trust. Anywhere focus and mental exertion are needed, using blue interior paint is ideal.
  • Any area in the workplace where physical exertion is the order of the day, red paint is a great color to use. Red is associated with excitement, strength, and courage.
  • To stimulate creativity, positivity, and happiness in the workplace, paint with yellow.

Feng Shui Paint Colors for your Office

A positive, calming office environment has never been more desirable than it is now, and perhaps that’s because of the overarching influence of technology. Feng Shui is a practice that operates on creating a flow of “good chi,” which is positive energy, throughout the room. Paint color schemes utilizing the five Chinese elements of water, earth, wood, fire, and metal can help to energize employees while also creating an atmosphere of serenity. Paint ideas that coordinate with Feng Shui include:

  • Earth tones represent earth elements. Gold, brown, tan, terra cotta, and pale yellow can all promote a stabilizing environment.
  • The color representative of water, various shades of blue are ideal for office spaces in which potentially stressful deadline-oriented work is done. Dark, rich blues promote the greatest levels of tranquility, comfort, and peacefulness. Lighter blues are credited with promoting harmony, personal growth, and restoration.
  • The color white is an important and powerful color that represents the metal element. White is a high-intensity color that vibrates with focus, cleanliness, new possibilities, and purity. White should be used sparsely, however, so as not to create an overly focused, tense atmosphere.
  • A more tranquil shade than purple, lavender promotes clarity, creativity, and determination. The office paint color to represent fire, lavender is perfect.
  • Green, with nourishing vibrations, is the shade for the wood element. The color promotes a soothing connection to nature and balance in the body.

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