cleaning your deck

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wooden Deck

cleaning your deck

If you’re like us, spring cleaning season makes you look forward to get-togethers in the backyard and barbecues on your deck. Before you invite friends and family over for a good time, however, you’ll need to dust off that table set and do some cleaning. After all, you want your deck to be an inviting place to socialize, not a neighborhood eyesore! To keep it this way, you need to put in the time to clean and maintain it. Regular maintenance also helps keep the wood in good shape, so you can continue using your deck year after year.

Here’s what we recommend for clients who want to give their wooden deck some TLC for spring …

5 Instructions for Getting a Sparkling Clean Deck for Spring Entertaining

1. Begin by clearing the space.

Clear furniture and plants off the surface of your deck and remove any clutter. Sweep away the leaves and debris from our long autumn and winter.

2. Next, grab the hose and rinse your deck.

Rinse the entire deck to get dust and debris off the surface. You should use a garden hose with a spray attachment on the highest setting; you can use a pressure or power washer if you like, but be aware that a too-strong blast may damage your deck. You may need to use a scrub brush on any oily spots or stains. When you’ve finished spraying and scrubbing, rinse once more so you have a smooth surface.

3. Clean with sudsy water or a commercial cleanser.

You can buy a cleaning solution or simply prepare a sudsy solution using laundry detergent. Use a long-handled brush or a push broom to scrub your deck until clean. Then rinse with a garden hose (not a pressure washer). If you see areas of mold, algae, or mildew growth, add a little bleach to warm water, and let the solution seep into the stain. Scrub the stain clean and rinse again.

4. Let your deck dry, and then reseal it.

For this step, you’ll need to purchase a wood sealer for your deck. Some sealers include a waterproofing agent or chemicals that prevent mildew, so be sure to explore your options. Sweep your dry deck to clear any dust that may have settled, and then apply the wood sealer to the deck according to the label instructions.

5. While your sealer is drying, tend to your outdoor furniture.

Remove and wash cushions and wipe down your outdoor furniture to get rid of grime. Now may be the time to determine if your furniture needs a paint job, or if you need to redecorate. Adding some plants or lighting can make your deck the perfect party pad.

Too Much on Your Plate this Spring? SNL Painting can Help with Those Chores!

If you’ve got a “honey do” list that’s a mile long, let the experts at SNL Painting Inc. help you out. We can stain your deck, paint your fence, touch up your exterior and more. Our representatives are ready to help you make this your best looking spring yet.




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