2019 paint color trends

2019 Paint Color Trends to Try in Your Home

If your plans for this year include redecorating, then you’re probably spending some time choosing paint colors and envisioning layouts. While we spend most of our time in coveralls applying the paint, we like to keep up with color trends, too! Here’s what our research has uncovered about the current trendiest shades.

If You’re Looking for a New Type of Neutral, Try These Options

Shades of gray are still in style, but warmer neutrals are coming in. If you’re looking for an updated alternative to neutral beige, dove gray is a classic choice. Ready to make it more interesting with just a hint of color? There’s something moody about some of 2019’s grays; they have a lilac undertone that can look gorgeous in a master bedroom. Darker grays like pewter are becoming more popular as well.

Another inviting, more interesting shade of neutral that still provides a warm backdrop for your decor is hazelnut. This shade has a remarkable ability to brighten a space.

While we’re talking brown shades, mushroom is a color that’s on trend again. In fact any warm, earthy color — like hazelnut, mushroom, or clay — are becoming more popular. Think: a sun-washed desert drive.

Get a Little Moody with These Darker Colors

There’s something about darker, moody shades that can feel so mysterious — and so luxurious. If you’ve never tried it in your own home, consider shaking things up a bit.

One of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors is a richer, darker green they call “night watch.”

This color goes with with the botanical trend we’re seeing everywhere, and the deeper jewel tones that are becoming more popular. Designers recommend using colors like these for large, well-lit rooms. We like them for studies or offices, too.

Blues haven’t gone out of style, and there seem to be more shades than ever. Today, they’re often mixed with gray tones to create charcoal blue, ice blue, or a pale powder blue. These shades are a little more subtle, so they won’t overpower your room.

Other richer colors are coming into style as well, like merlot or dusky gold. Think about curling up in an armchair with a ponderous tome. Add a glass of barrel-aged whiskey and you’ve got the look.

Pastels are Back!

If you prefer pastels over the bold colors described above, than this is for you: Pastels are back in all their soothing, muted glory. While Millennial pink may be on its way out, shades of blue, green, and lavender are all coming to the forefront.

One shade we like is called “mist.” This hard-to-pinpoint color nevertheless brings a bright airiness to any room in the house.

For an earthier look, think about terra cotta, caramel, or burnt orange. These colors are gaining popularity, and they can bring a lot of personality to your home.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Home? SNL Painting Inc. can Help!

Wall colors can act as a blank canvas for decor of any style. They can also bring new life into a room that’s become dull or stale. If you’re ready to change things up in your home, give our painters a call. Now is the perfect time to refresh your home for spring.




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