Unique Ideas for Adding Color to Your Home Exterior

Springtime is ideal for revving up your home’s exterior design even as you add some fresh sparkle to the interior. Ready for something really different? Shake things up in your neighborhood in a good way with any of the following unusual upgrades that all have a distinctive wow factor. Here are some amazing and unique ideas for adding color to your home exterior. 

A Wink With Windows

Do you like the idea of an elegant home with inviting warmth and a touch of bold charisma? Paint your multi-pane windows, exterior window frames, and coordinating doors in a color that achieves an exciting contrast with other colors on the home exterior. As an example, if you have a home of sandstone-colored stucco, paint the windows, etc., a slightly muted flat-paint Mediterranean blue. The effect is an undeniable stand-out that could start a trend.

An Appealing Front Porch Makeover

Unique Ideas for Adding Color to Your Home Exterior
Photo swatches courtesy of Sherwin Williams!

Just as the right furniture in a home’s interior can create stunning effect, you can give your home exterior a boost with front porch décor. Against the backdrop of a light-colored home, for example, add dark wicker furnishings decorated with bright coordinated colors. Punctuate the design with a welcoming porch swing built for two. Add splashes of complementary colors in a lush potted flower garden bordering the porch.

Create a Front-and-Center Flower Garden

Most outdoor home sanctuaries are mapped out and created in the backyard for leisurely personal enjoyment. To add color to your home exterior, flip the script. Create a stunning flower garden in your front yard. Neighbors will be too busy enjoying the unexpected location of your nature garden to feel envious. You won’t just have the colorful exterior upgrade you were going for. Your home will also become the neighborhood’s most exceptional showplace.

Paint the Trim with a Unique Twist

Painting exterior trim according to the appropriate design period of its architecture can be the most defining aspect of a house, causing it to shine with serious curb appeal. You can also paint your trim in an unconventional way that doesn’t exactly send the HOA to your door with pitchforks but is still undeniably distinctive. Go with three trim colors. Two hues should coordinate flawlessly with the primary color of the house. The third one is the color that gives the house a one-of-a-kind flair. The rebel shade should be sparingly applied and should create intrigue if not a twang of discord to satisfying effect.

More great colors from Sherwin Williams.

Step it Up with Red Plus White Plus Deep Dive Blue

If your house is a stately classic complete with framed-out front stairs leading up to a porch, use some Sherwin-Williams colors to create an outstanding look. Paint the house Deep Sea Dive blue, the trim Pure White, and the stairs and floor of the porch Red Theatre. The patriotic undertone is there but with subtlety and elegance.

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