image of a re-stained wood deck by SNL Painting Inc. — benefits of wood deck restoration

Three Valuable Benefits of Wood Deck Restoration

image of a re-stained wood deck by SNL Painting Inc. — benefits of wood deck restorationSpring is finally here, which means now is the perfect time to address some of the exterior components of your home that may have been ravaged by last year’s seasonal elements. 

Breathe some life back into your wooden deck or patio by keeping these three benefits of wood deck restoration in mind.


What is wood deck restoration?

Wood deck restoration can be a simple job, – or a more intensive job – depending on the age and condition of your wood deck. If your deck is only several years old, it may just need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of hand-brushed stain to return it to its former glory. If your deck has been neglected for a prolonged period of time, however, you may be in need of a full restoration treatment.


What causes damage to your wood deck over time?

Due to its outside location and predisposition to high foot traffic, wood deck damage is seldom avoidable. With every step that is taken across your deck’s surface, the original stain weakens ever so slightly. The same goes for exposure to various weather elements: rain, snow, hail and even the sun can all wreak havoc on the integrity of your deck’s porous exterior. Fortunately, there is something you can do to ensure your deck stays in beautiful working condition for years – if not decades – to come.


What are the benefits of wood deck restoration?

As we mentioned above, restoring your deck to a “like new” quality can be a simple or difficult process, depending on its current condition. The benefits of wood deck restoration, however, are the same across the board:

1) Increased Visual Appeal

The first thing you will notice when you re-stain your wood deck is an upgrade in its visual appeal. Sine wood is both porous and fibrous, each board has its own unique granular signature that is highlighted by a fresh coat of stain, giving your deck a finish that no other deck is likely to have.

2) Add Value to Your Home

A wooden deck that has not been maintained is viewed as a financial liability for those looking to sell and/or purchase a home. A wood deck that has been freshly restored, however, can be an asset. In fact, a well-kept deck can recoup up to 90 percent of the value that was originally spent to build and install it.

3) Prevent Your Deck From Rotting

If your deck is not re-stained regularly, the wood will begin to deteriorate. In severe cases, your deck can even begin to rot away, forcing you to spend unnecessary amounts of money to have the failing components replaced or even have your entire deck rebuilt. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you re-stain your deck no less than every two to three years.


Restore your wood deck today!

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