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It’s Tempting to Buy Cheap, but Should You? Here’s How to Pick the Right Paint Brush for your Painting Project.

paint brush

When you start a painting project, you have so much prep work to do and so many decisions to make! Paint can hide imperfections, but the wrong paint – with the wrong brushes – can make them glaringly obvious. If you want a professional-looking paint job, it’s worth the extra cost up front. We recommend buying a quality brush that will hold more paint and help your color glide on evenly.

The Right Paint Brush Can Help You Achieve the Best Look. 

If you’re painting a room, it’s important to consider the tasks in front of you, and decide which brush to use from there. You’ll want a different tool for a large, smooth surface, for example, than you will for the trim around windows, doors, or ceilings.

You’ll also want to consider the type of paint you’re using. For instance, natural brush bristles are designed for oil-based paint. They’re simply not appropriate for latex paint.

Here’s what has worked best for our pros:


  • Brush material


When it comes to brush material, look for nylon, polyester, or a blend of both. These brushes work well with most paint on the market today. They’re also easy to clean.


  • Brush bristles


Look at the brush’s bristles before you buy. The bristles should be densely packed and a little springy, but not crimped. A quality brush won’t lose its bristles easily. The bristles should also be “chiseled” – the middle brushes longer than the outer ones – and “flagged” so they hold more paint.


  • Brush size


For the most part, you’ll want a brush from 1 to 4 inches in width. The smallest brushes, from 1 to 2 inches, are designed for windows and small trim jobs. The largest, 4 inches, works best for large, flat areas. The best use for 3-inch brushes are doors and cabinets. Remember, you’ll want glossy paint for these surfaces!


  • Brush end types


For large surfaces, the square trim brush should be your go-to. The bristles of this brush are cut square and ideal for covering a large area. If you need to paint around windows, an angled brush works well. Chisel trim brushes are also good choices for painting in corners and edges. They provide a straight line in tight spaces.


  • Brush Styles


The typical choice is between an angle sash brush and a flat sash brush. Flat sash brushes have bristles that are straight across. These brushes are primarily designed for flat areas. Angle sash brushes have slanted bristles that hold more paint. If you decide to choose only one brush to use in several different applications, an angle sash may be your best bet.

What about Rollers?

Rollers are a great choice for large, flat surfaces in your home. They help you get color on the walls smoothly and quickly. However, for the best outcome, you need to put the same considerations into a roller cover that you’d put into a quality brush.

Like regular brushes, roller cover material may be made of a nylon/polyester blend or a natural fiber like lambs wool. Natural fibers are perfect for oil-based coatings. If you’re using latex paint, however, go with synthetic fibers. These multi-purpose roller covers can be used with all paints.

The standard length for a roller cover is nine inches. You can also choose shorter lengths for jobs in tight spaces. The other measurement you’ll want to consider is nap length. A basic rule of thumb is this: the smoother the surface, the shorter nap you need. Use the shortest nap lengths for smooth surfaces like plaster, metal, or drywall. Use the longest lengths for rough surfaces like stucco or concrete block.

And, we can’t stress this enough, but just like a quality brush gives you better results and lasts a long time, rollers, too, should be chosen with care. Rollers of low quality are more likely to leave streaks or roller fibers on your freshly painted surface.

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