image of a kitchen painted with various paint finishes

How To Pair Paint Finishes With The Right Surfaces

image of a kitchen painted with various paint finishes

Paint color is everything, right? It has the power to determine the mood of a room. It will help guide the styles of furniture you bring into your home. It can even impact a person’s appetite.

However, as you pour through the swatches of color after color, how often do you consider the second most important component of paint — its texture?

Choosing the right paint finishes for your projects is an inevitable piece of the painting process. So how do you know which finishes are available and which ones go best with the rooms and surfaces found throughout your home? SNL Painting Inc. has you covered…

Matching Paint Finishes With Your Surfaces

Flat and Matte Paints

Flat and matte paint finishes contain little to no reflective materials. Because of this particular quality, these options are great for covering up minor imperfections in painted surfaces, making them one of the best options for recoloring aged objects. Since flat and matte paints don’t perform well in high-traffic areas, these finishes are great for ceilings and crown molding.

Low-Luster, Satin and Eggshell Paints

These three finish options contain medium to medium/high levels of reflective material. With their mild sheen, this particular category is known for its resistance to dirt and grime, making them the optimal option for high-traffic areas, such as bedrooms, playrooms and hallways.

Semi-Gloss and Gloss Paints

Known for their ultimately reflective qualities, semi-gloss and gloss paints are coveted for their durability and easy-to-clean qualities. As a result, this category of paint is typically used in kitchens, on stair banisters and for other surfaces that are commonly touched by grimy hands. Unlike flat and matte paints, however, keep in mind that glossy paint will accentuate any scratches, nicks or dings embedded in your painted surfaces.

Which Paint Finishes Are Best For Your Needs?

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