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How Accent Wall Painting Boosts Home Design

Accent wall painting started out as a fad but has become an enduring trend because of the many ways it gives home design a nice boost. Walls are somewhat bland until you paint an accent wall. The accent wall itself becomes an eye-pleasing focal point. Painting an accent wall has the potential to create a variety of effects that completely alter a room. Whether you are interested in painting an accent wall in your living room, a bedroom, or in any other room of your home, the following can help.

What is an Accent Wall For?

An accent wall is usually painted a different color than the other walls, but there are other creative ways an accent wall is achieved. For instance, you might want to add elaborate wood paneling on one wall and paint it the same color as the other walls in the room. The basic idea behind an accent wall is to create a desired effect. More examples follow:

  • The color change of one wall in a room, usually to a darker shade, can make a small, closed-in room look and feel more spacious.
  • Large areas are often made more comfortable by adding a wall of some type, but an accent wall can bring about the desired separation without any major alterations.
  • Texture on a wall adds dimension to a room, and it can be done by adding wallpaper, stone, or brick to one wall.
  • If there is an architectural feature, piece of furniture, or painting that you want to highlight, adding an accent wall can effectively realize that goal.

Painting an Accent Wall in a Bedroom

The great thing about painting an accent wall in a bedroom is that bedrooms are typically claimed as our own personal spaces. Unlike painting an accent wall in the living room, your choices aren’t driven by making an impact in your home in general, where family and friends gather. The choice you make for your bedroom can and should be based entirely on personal preference. The following are examples from among countless options, particularly if you get the help of experienced professionals:

  • If there is a certain atmosphere with textural elements you want that seems a bit elaborate, it’s possible one of many different painting techniques may be applied so that painting alone achieves the desired results, such as creating the appearance of a stained concrete wall.
  • As an option to hanging framed art, create an accent wall that in itself displays patterned artwork of your choosing.
  • If you like a dramatic, moody retreat, go with a dark accent wall in a room with other walls in a dark shade. The secret to ensuring needed balance is to add plenty of lighting in the room.

Contact Accent Wall Painting Experts

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