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Choosing The Right Paint Color By Room

One of the most difficult parts of updating a room is choosing the right paint color. Can you be sure that you will  love it? Will it look okay with your furniture? Color can have more psychological influence than you realize. It can set help to pull a room together, set the mood and even influence your feelings of hot and cold. With a rainbow of color options, do you know how your favorite color can affect your perception of your room?

This infographic can help you understand the psychology behind your favorite color. Understanding how colors affect the mood may influence the way you choose your paint color for every room in the house? For example, did you know that orange and red rooms are not recommended for nurseries? These bright and vibrant colors can be overstimulating to a young baby’s senses. If you like the idea of  using vibrant colors for your child’s room but don’t want to overwhelm the room accent walls may be a better option. A slightly muted color on the walls with brightly colored accents can create the same effect without disrupting nap time. Read on for help on choosing the right paint colors for your home.

Check Out Our Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Color by Room:

Choosing the right paint color by room infographic




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